Your energetic, rapid-fire delivery kept our audiences completely engaged for every one of your presentations. Thanks for being able to adapt your delivery to our varied audiences, from rank-and-file through executive management.

Shawn Yorke, Director of Learning and Development
  DBI Services
  Hazelton, PA

Tom, you are great at connecting with our audiences. You are
one of the best speakers
I have ever worked with—
sincere and passionate about being the best!

Candace Meronk, Director of Association Services Team
  Schierl Companies
  Stevens Point, WI

Your vast expertise
has provided us with a knowledgebase and solutions that are immediately transferable to our work situations.

Eleanor Sanford, Vice President, Leadership & Organizational Consultant
  Bank of America
  Boston, MA

Our clients have begun to work on changing their associates' 'erroneous belief systems', so they can direct them to more positive results.

Chris Frederick, Sr. President
  Auto Training Institute
  Savage, MD

The real win for us is your focus on Accountability. Instead of finding easy excuses that get in our way, we now use your concepts to recognize 'bench-warming' behaviors and to prompt us to 'step up to the plate.' It has become part of our culture.

Delinda Kanaski, VP Learning & Organizational Development
  Country Meadows
     Senior Living
  Hershey, PA
This Is The Moment 
(based on inspiring Broadway show tunes) 
  We all sometimes get stuck in the past or obsess over the future.  The only real moment we have 
is the "precious present."  The messages and motivation of Broadway show tunes come alive 
in this exciting performance-based presentation. Tom taps both his vocal and literary 
interpretation talents to bring to his audience a message of joy and abundance. 
Format:  45-90 minute presentation with optional vocal performances. 
               Tom interprets the lyrics and key messages of several of his 
               favorite Broadway show tunes.  Highly entertaining, personal, 
               and inspiring. 
Key Themes:
  • Letting go of the past
  • Living "on purpose"
  • The precious present
  • Do it now!
  • Working for today
  • Embracing change
  • Renewal, renovation, and re-creation
Optional Broadway vocal selections (performed by Tom):
  • "Corner of the Sky"  (Pippin)
  • "Try to Remember"  (The Fantasticks)
  • "Almost Like Being in Love"  (Brigadoon)
  • "Love Changes Everything"  (Aspects of Love)
  • "Who Can I Turn To?"  (The Roar of the Greasepaint)
  • "Being Alive"  (Company)
  • "This Is The Moment"  (Jekyll & Hyde)
Audience:      General large groups, mixed audiences.
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