Your energetic, rapid-fire delivery kept our audiences completely engaged for every one of your presentations. Thanks for being able to adapt your delivery to our varied audiences, from rank-and-file through executive management.

Shawn Yorke, Director of Learning and Development
  DBI Services
  Hazelton, PA

The Positive Accountability workshop that you delivered was exactly what we were looking for. Your high-energy presentation style was very engaging and helped the participants remain attentive and involved. The activities utilized real-life examples that helped our team members apply the concepts back on the job. Thank you for helping us to move from 'bench warming' to 'stepping up to the plate.'

Lori Egan, Director of Corporate Clinical System Administration, Training and Audit
  The AmeriHealth Caritas
  Family of Companies
  Philadelphia, PA

Tom, you are great at connecting with our audiences and keeping us involved with exercises and other group activities. You are one of the best speakers I have ever worked with—sincere and passionate about being the best!

Candace Meronk, Director of Association Services Team
  Schierl Companies
  Stevens Point, WI

Your vast experience has provided a knowledge base that is transferrable to our work situations. Participants are able to immediately transfer knowledge to their workplace and implement solutions you have provided.

Eleanor Sanford, Vice President, Leadership & Organizational Consultant
  Bank of America
  Boston, MA

Our clients have begun to work on changing their associates' 'erroneous belief systems', so they can direct them to more positive results.

Chris Frederick, Sr. President
  Auto Training Institute
  Savage, MD

The real win for us is your focus on Accountability. It's so easy to find excuses that get in our way. We regularly use your concepts to recognize 'bench-warming' behaviors and to prompt us to 'step up to the plate.' It's become part of our culture.

Delinda Kanaskie, VP Learning and Organizational Development
  Country Meadows Senior
  Hershey, PA
The Challenge of Change: 
Getting through the Tough Times and Coming Out on Top 
  Change may be inevitable, necessary, and for the best, but it's rarely popular. 
Navigating and managing change isn't easy and can be stressful for almost everyone. 
Too often, people resist change or mismanage it, which can have a strong adverse effect 
on their morale and productivity. 
Format:  45-90 minute Keynote,  half-day Workshop,  or full-day Workshop*
  Although change may be uncomfortable, it is also an opportunity that should be optimized.  In this highly motivational presentation, Tom shares the ABCs of Emotional Control and reveals the coping skills that people need to embrace change and modify their behavior.  The session is packed with practical skills that will empower people to not only survive change but thrive through it.
What You Will Learn:
  • Understand how attitudes and beliefs about change influence your ability to adapt to it
  • Identify the effects change has on you and how to rise to the "challenge"
  • Use a change model to understand where you are in the change process, and where you really want to be
  • Identify aspects of change that can and cannot be controlled
  • Develop strategies to help you deal with the effects of change
Audience:      Individual contributors and managers who are personally dealing with the negative impact of organizational change.  Team Leaders who need to support the team members through a given change initiative.*
*Full-day Workshop format includes use of a personal assessment to help participants guage their "adaptation style," and application of the "Five Stages of Change" as they relate to the client organization.
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